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Change change change

April 5, 2006

Well, there sure are a lot of changes goin’ on. If you missed Wednesday night, you missed a lot.

We are revamping and rethinking the way that we do everything here at Xtreme. The key to everything we do is relationships, our relationship with God, our relationships with each other, and our relationship with the other students who need God.

You are the key, not the pastor, not the youth pastor or a member of the youth staff. You. YOU! You are the key to what God wants to do at Xtreme. The good news is–God believes in you! (And guess what, so do we!)

Now, if you are like me, you’re first reaction is probably “I can’t be the key-I’m a spiritual retard. I need someone to help me, not vice-versa.” Congratulations, you just joined Moses, David, Gideon, and a lot of others who didn’t deserve it, couldn’t handle it (so they thought), or just didn’t feel worthy. Not bad company, huh?

It is not about us. It is not about you, in fact go ahead and say that. Seriously, step away from the computer and say that to yourself right now.

Did you do it?


Our programs are not the only thing changing around here, we’re changing. We’re gonna be more committed, we’re gonna love more, pray more, do more. Can you feel it?

It’s the winds of change.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    April 19, 2006 9:05 am

    Just wanted to say how great i think this site is. Its really awesome how you guys are so real and are really excited about God and how He’s changing not only individuals but your youth group as a whole. I hope the group sees and does great things for God and His kingdom!

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